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Reviewed By Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite

Review Rating: 5 Stars

Deception by Heather Walsh mixes romance with suspense to introduce readers to a thrilling story that features lies, secrets, and scandals, a story that is every bit as entertaining as it is engaging. The story begins with action and a powerful hook. I enjoyed the fact that it started in the midst of action, and the question I asked myself when I started reading was whether the author would be able to sustain the same intensity of action throughout the story. Yes, she did, not slowing down for a moment. 

Readers are introduced to a subtle seduction that slowly escalates into an investigation accompanied by lies and intrigue. Investigator Katherine has just discovered new evidence in a six-year-old murder case and, what is worse, is that the ADA Stephen Chandler could be involved, so Katherine does everything to stay away from him as she probes into the case. But the more she tries to escape this man who is so hot and irresistible, the more determined he is to get to Kat. What happens when the truth is laid bare? Can their lives still stay the way they were? 

Deception is a brilliant entry into a romance suspense series that will captivate readers with the wonderful plot and gorgeous characters. It was fun to read about Katherine being attracted to a man she shouldn’t even trust. Heather Walsh’s gift for plot and character comes through this story in a compelling way. The writing is tight and it is sprinkled with many intense and powerful moments that will rouse the emotions of readers. This story is nothing but success, a great read in the genre.

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Author of romantic suspense.

Sinfully Suspenseful. 

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Deception Deception (Lies & Deception #1)
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Deception (Lies & Deception #1)
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